Hometown Hawkeyes 2015

Who Are Your Hometown Hawkeyes?

Students, faculty and staff at the University of Iowa come from all of Iowa’s 99 counties.

While the students stay on campus for only a short period, the influence they have back in their communities lasts a lifetime. These graduates are our Hometown Hawkeyes.

Hometown Hawkeyes are individuals that stand out as leaders within their community and have a positive influence on the individuals around them.

By utilizing the education and experiences they received at the University of Iowa, your Hometown Hawkeyes have a positive impact within their hometowns and across the state.

  • Physicians in 88 counties
  • Pharmacists in 95 counties
  • Nurses in 99 counties
  • Engineers in 91 counties
  • Educators in 99 counties
  • Dentists in 92 counties
  • Lawyers in 99 counties
  • Public Health Professionals in 99 counties
  • More than 14,000 business professionals


2016 Hometown Hawkeyes