What is Hawkeye Caucus?

Hawkeye Caucus is a group of UI supporters aimed at advancing the mission of the University of Iowa across Iowa’s 99 counties and beyond. We help University of Iowa students, parents, staff, alumni and supporters share their stories of Hawkeye Pride with legislators, policymakers, and Iowans across the state. Together, we can build a stronger University of Iowa that benefits all Iowans.

Why join us? 

The University of Iowa has impacted your life. Maybe you're a current student, or the parent of a student. Maybe you're one of more than 289,000 alumni. Maybe you or a family member received life-saving care through the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Maybe you're an Iowan who has seen the UI making a difference in your community. Like many others, you have a UI story. By joining us, you'll be joining a network of thousands of Hawkeyes ready to share their stories to help build a stronger University of Iowa for the future. As part of Hawkeye Caucus, you will have a chance to share your story, and to hear the stories of other Hawkeyes living, working, and making a difference across our state.

How can I help?

Join us and receive regular updates about what the UI is doing across the state. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to like and share the University's statewide impact. Subscribe to our weekly email newsletter to read impactful stories of Hawkeyes making a difference in their community.

Know and share your story:

  • Why did you choose the University of Iowa?
  • How has the University of Iowa made a positive difference in your life? 
  • How do you wish you could help the university?

If you can answer those questions, you have a compelling story to tell. And if you are willing to share that story, you can help build support for the University of Iowa across the state, for generations to come.