The Hawkeye Caucus student organization is a group of student leaders dedicated to the University of Iowa. We, as a student organization, advocate for the University of Iowa by speaking and writing to legislators and elected officials, planning outreach events, and providing leadership opportunities to students.

Please consider joining Hawkeye Caucus if you are looking to gain leadership experience and love the University of Iowa. We are the great way for you to give back to the University of Iowa!

We have regular meetings every month in the IMU and we would love to see you there! At our meetings, we complete projects, prepare for events, listen to guest speakers, or we have gone on exclusive tours of some of the departments and buildings at the UI to gain a greater understanding of the work the UI is doing on a daily basis. Our biggest event each year for students is Hawkeye Caucus Day. Each year in the spring over 100 UI students take a bus to Des Moines to speak with legislators. Hawkeye Caucus Day is a highlight for the entire University of Iowa community.

Emily Fenner
Emily Fenner
Director of Legislative Relations
Grinnell, IA

I am a Junior majoring in Ethics and Public Policy, with GWSS and Social Justice minors. I have always had an interest in politics and I've enjoyed becoming even more politically involved through Hawkeye Caucus. I believe that students have the power to spark real political change, and I'm excited to continue our work and provide as many opportunities for involvement as possibleI hope to expand our political culture on campus so that every student feels their voice is heard and needs are fought for. Beyond Hawkeye Caucus, I hold a fellowship with the Public Policy Center. I look forward to starting my third year in HC alongside a phenomenal team!

Isabella Dietrich
Isabella Dietrich
Director of Membership and Internal Affairs
Dike, IA

I am a second-year student studying Political Science along with Ethics and Public Policy. I joined Hawkeye Caucus because it is a great way to meet new people, be involved on campus, and gave me the opportunity to become an advocate on campus issues. I believe that democracy is stronger when we are all involved and make our voices heard. I am excited to grow this program and help more Hawkeyes advocate for their passions. I am also involved in Hawkeye Service Teams, the University of Iowa Clothing Closet, and work at the University of Iowa Law Library. 

Mitchel Morel
Director of Membership & Internal Affairs
Dubuque, IA

I am a Junior studying Political Science on a Pre-Law track. I joined Hawkeye Caucus because I felt it was a great opportunity to get involved on campus, meet a variety of wonderful people, and ultimately continue to make the University of Iowa an exceptional place. The decisions that legislators make affects us collectively, and we as students must understand how we can influence these decisions for the better. Outside of Hawkeye Caucus, I intern at the Office of Governmental Relations through the university, and spend most of my free time watching or reading about my favorite sport, baseball.