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Know our impact

The University of Iowa affects the lives of Iowans across the state and beyond. The University of Iowa:

  • Performs high-impact research aimed at improving all aspects of life in our state.
  • Provides a transformative educational experience for Iowa's future leaders, health care workers, entrepreneurs, and educators.
  • Engages with Iowa and the world to broaden education, improve health, and enhance economic development.

Know your story

You know the UI has made a difference for the Hawkeye State. But how has the University of Iowa made a difference to you? Think about these three questions to know and share your story:

  • Why did you choose the University of Iowa?
  • How has the University of Iowa made a positive difference in your life? 
  • How do you wish you could help the university?

Find your representatives

Find your state senator and representative in Des Moines, and your congressman and our senators in DC. Think of these people as your friends. Like you, they are working hard to make life better in the Hawkeye State.

Share your story

Your representatives want to hear your thoughts. Here are some ways that you can share how the University of Iowa has made a positive difference in your life.


  • Find your legislator.
  • Tell your UI story. Share how the UI has made a difference in your life, and how you are making a difference for Iowa. If you are a student from Iowa who plans to stay in Iowa, share this. If you are an alumni living in Iowa, tell your legislator why you made your home here. 
  • If you have concerns about a specific piece of legislation, be sure to tell your legislator the bill name or number.
  • Keep your tone positive and polite.
  • Indicate that you would appreciate a response.


  • Find your legislators' Twitter handle and tag them in your message.
  • Keep your message brief, polite and positive.
  • If you're sharing your UI story, be sure to tag @HawkeyeCaucus and @uiowa.
  • Use appropriate hashtags such as #forIowa, #uiowa and #ThisisUIOWA when discussing the UI's local, statewide and national impact.
  • Use and follow #IAlegis to see and discuss what Iowa legislators are doing. 

Phone Call

  • Find your legislator's contact information.
  • Give your name and share your thoughts. Most of the time, you will leave a message--be sure to include your phone number if you do so.
  • If your legislator returns your call, don't be intimidated. Politely share your story and let them know that you are a voter.

In Person

  • If you're a UI student, be sure to join us at the Iowa State Capitol for Hawkeye Caucus Day--it's an opportunity to interact with your legislators and see what they do at the Capitol during the legislative session!