Milo, IA

Pharmacists have assumed leadership positions within their communities, the state, and the nation from the very beginnings of the profession. The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy recognizes this and works to develop students’ full leadership potential as part of their educational experience.

Matt Farley, a second-year pharmacy student is a shining example of the leadership opportunities offered by the college. From the small central Iowa town of Milo, Farley is the youngest in a family of four boys, and the second of his siblings to attend the College of Pharmacy. His older brother, Mike, is currently a clinical assistant professor for the college.

“I have never before been a part of an institution that provides as many leadership opportunities as does the College of Pharmacy,” said Farley. “There are literally hundreds of potential leadership spots every semester. I have been blessed to partake in some really interesting positions. Most notably, I was elected to serve as the Student Leadership Council President-elect my second year. Subsequently, I will also serve as the President my third year.”

University of Iowa College of Pharmacy students and alumni go on to become leaders in community and hospital practice sites, leaders in political advocacy arenas, and participants in broader health care policy discussions.

Farley looks forward to the opportunity to become a community leader once he’s completed his educational training. “Overall, I look forward to the possibility of practicing pharmacy in central Iowa and having a positive impact on my local and hometown communities.”

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