Molly Redenbaugh
Ames, IA

To some people, making money may be their primary objective. For others, it’s recognition. But for Molly Redenbaugh, making an impact and connecting with others are her real goals.

The Storm Lake native returned to her home state to earn her Iowa MBA at the Tippie College of Business. While she appreciated gaining project management and other skills during her two years, she owes her current success to the networking opportunities she encountered as a graduate student.

“The first position I held at Danfoss was because two other Tippie alumni worked there,” she said. “The connections have been invaluable to me.”

Redenbaugh currently serves as the customer experience manager at Danfoss Power Solutions in Ames. While working with the company for nearly 13 years, she has held five different positions, continuously growing within the organization.

“I’ve worked on market research, sales project teams, helped organize customer events, met hundreds of colleagues globally – all while serving the customer,” Redenbaugh said. “This is really where my passion lies; being the voice of our customer and ensuring we are giving them the tools they need to be successful.”

Redenbaugh not only serves her customers, but also the people of her community and beyond. After living in Ames for almost 20 years, she has been involved in the Ames Jaycees, Iowa Junior Chamber, U.S. Junior Chamber, and volunteered with the Iowa Games and RAGBRAI.

If aiding her own community wasn’t enough, Redenbaugh reached out to help victims after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. While serving as state president for the Jaycees, she helped provide 20 semi-trucks full of food and supplies to those in need.

“Those are the moments that I know I not only impacted lives in communities I don’t know, but the lives of hundreds of Jaycees around the state of Iowa who learned valued leadership skills that week,” she said. “I’m a bit passionate about giving back to our communities and feel strongly that business leaders, regardless of their community, should always make time to provide a helping hand.”